photo by Jeff Beddow

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Electro Acoustic Jam Band at the Acadia May 2007   
Jeff Beddow, Seth Alt, Mike Hallenbeck, Mike Duffy
Electro Acoustic Jam Band at the Acadia June 2007   
Jeff Beddow, Sam Beddow, Micah Buckley-Farley, Mike Hallenbeck, Chris Hepola, Josh Granowski

 Long improv (25 megabytes, 25 minutes)

 Short  improv (15 megabytes, 15 minutes)
(My lo-fi Video of Konk Pack live at the Acadia)
photo by Sam Beddow
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Berlin 1927 - 2007
  6 pieces for bridge
  Noskool / Mashups / Noisetronica  
9 osc The isle of man  folk noise 
aberdovy industrial reggae  folk noise
caudal_de_datos  noskool
eye1  algorithmic (eyebop)
Inewu  emo noise
slow spectral voices  algorhytmic (eyebop)
Angel with one shoe of fire and one shoe of earth  
For birds at the end of time  

The cats.  The apples.  The dream.
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